Tools and Technology for Seniors Spotlight: Nixplay

technology for seniors

I’ve wanted to do a spotlight on this product for a while but needed to check it out for myself first. I heard about Nixplay on a Facebook group, where someone asked, “What is a good gift for Grandparents?” Such a great question! I feel like I always give the same thing year after year, and I wanted to give our Grandparents something they really loved this past Christmas. The poster got a lot of great recommendations, but people overwhelmingly responded with the idea of a Nixplay Digital Frame. Initially this did not impress me…I’ve given the digital frame before, what’s the big deal?

But guys, this is not your typical digital frame. 

Nixplay allows you to upload pictures to a cloud based digital frame…so basically, I can upload pictures to my Gammy’s Nixplay frame in Birmingham while I’m sitting at home with the kids in Alex City! How cool is that??

Not only can I upload pictures without even being in the same room, but I can add other friends or family members as users to the frame as well. For my husband’s Grandparents his cousins went in with us on the frame and all 3 of us can add to the frame any time we have new pictures. It’s so simple and easy to do right from your smartphone. You literally download the app, sync the frame and then start sending pictures!

Here's a video from the Nixplay site that explains more

Why I love Nixplay for Seniors

Many seniors live away from their kids and grandkids, and often experience moments of loneliness and isolation. Although, Nixplay should never be a substitution for actual human interaction, it can help a senior feel engaged and connected with family members who they do not get to see on a regular basis. 

My experience with Nixplay

In total we bought 3 Nixplay Seed frames for Christmas presents this last year. Of those 3, I have technical difficulties setting up one of the frames. So after Googling my issue, and getting nowhere, I ended up just calling tech support at Nixplay. Tech support was great and did a remote hard reset of the frame, which fixed the issue! 

I would absolutely recommend this frame to anyone! It was easy to use and had a relatively simple setup process. Nixplay does make a regular digital frame that you can use without Wifi, but what’s the fun that? 

Nixplay can be purchased at Walmart, Amazon, and is where we purchased ours.) If you have a Nixplay frame tell us what you think by commenting below this post!

**I should mention, I am not an affiliate, nor do I receive any financial gain from posting about this product. I just like to recommend products I really like:) 

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