Personal Care

Many times, a person may find they can live independently but need assistance with personal care in their daily routine. A good morning routine that includes a shower, personal hygiene, and getting dressed for the day, can make a huge difference in a person’s overall outlook and mental wellbeing. This goes hand in hand with our focus on quality of life and promoting independence. 

If a client needs assistance with personal care, our qualified and trained caregivers can help support, assist, or provide these services. We aid with all forms of personal care in a variety of situations depending on the client’s needs from an individual who simply needs someone in the home while they shower independently just in case, they need help, to a client who needs full assistance with bathing and toileting, and everything in between. Our caregivers understand the need for a client’s privacy and work to ensure the client is always safe and comfortable. 

caregiver helping client get dressed

Personal Care Services May Include:


Bathing or showering is an important routine in general hygiene, but it can be dangerous or even scary for an individual who feels unsafe performing these tasks alone. Our Caregivers can help ensure your loved one’s safety getting in and out of the shower and help perform their routine with sensitivity to privacy. 


Our trained Caregivers can assist with as little or as much as is needed when it comes to getting your loved one dressed and ready for their day. We work with your loved one to promote their independence in tasks they can manage alone, and assistance with tasks they need our help with. This creates an environment where your loved one can continue to have a feeling of autonomy and independence.

Basic Hygiene

Hygiene is an important aspect for feeling your best as well as promoting a healthy lifestyle. Tasks like brushing your teeth, denture care, and applying deodorant may seem simple but they add to our feelings of self-value and impact overall quality of life.

Toileting and incontinence Care

Our trained Caregivers are skilled in assisting with your loved ones in the bathroom as well as changing and cleaning a client with incontinence. Whether the individual is bed bound or needs hands on assistance in the bathroom, our caregivers understand and respect a client’s need for modesty and compassion in personal care.

Personal Appearance Care

Keeping a clean and neat personal appearance is important to a personal confidence and can directly affect our outlook on the day. Our Caregivers can assist with dressing for the day, getting a clean shave, or even fixing your hair and makeup. These tasks can make a huge difference on an aging individuals mental health and wellbeing.

Transfer and Mobility Assistance

Getting out of the bed and into the bathroom safely can be a huge concern for many of our clients. We can assist in safely transferring our clients out of bed and into the bathroom to perform their personal care.

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