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At Beyond Home Care we value our Caregivers and support them in the field. Our culture is unique to most organizations you have probably worked for, and there is a reason for this.

Caregivers are the lifeblood of homecare.

We understand and appreciate the value amazing Caregivers bring to our organization and that’s why we look for the best to join our team. Starting from day one we work with each caregiver individually to meet you at your current skill level. We provide the training and one on one support you need to be comfortable and confident in our client’s home and we offer coaching and mentorship along the way, so you never feel “thrown into the field.”
Through our onboarding and orientation process you will become a Beyond Home Care Certified Caregiver, and you can start working towards your next promotion. That’s right! We offer a promotional structure so you can continue to grow with Beyond Home Care to not only improve your skills and knowledge, but to make more money!

Why Work with Beyond Home Care?


  • We offer competitive pay and compensation to recruit the best!
  • Our promotional structure provides opportunities for raises in pay based on merit and not just years of service.
  • We love giving out rewards and bonuses!
  • We don’t miss an opportunity to share the love, whether we are having a fun competition, surprising our caregivers with gifts and appreciation in the field, or celbrating a holiday, anniversary, or birthday!


  • Our Core Values of Integrity, Teamwork, and Service are seen in all aspects of our organization from how we care for our clients to how we show up for our caregivers. This common mission creates a culture of respect, appreciation, and support for all.
  • Open and honest communication are key to creating an environment where everyone understands teh expectations and work together to meet them!
  • We value employee input and feedback.


  • Weekly Pay and Direct Deposit!
  • Flexible scheduleing – meaning we work with your lifestyle. Are you a nursing student that can only work evenings and overnights a few days a week? No problem. We can work wiht you! Are you a single parent that can only work M-F while the kids are in school? We can work with you! Looking for a 2nd job on the weekend for some extra income? We can handle that, too!
  • We pay for training! All our training from orientation to continuing education and even in-home shadowing is paid!
  • We offer Supplemental Insurance through Aflac 30 days after your hire date. These policies include Life, Dental, Vision, Cancer, Major Medical, and more.


  • Advancement opportunities and pay increases.
  • Training resources library through our partnership with Care Academy.
  • Consistent leadership that has your back so you never feel “alone” in the field.
  • Ongoing coaching through our Care Leads and Care Managers.

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Support and Resources

Each client has a task list assigned based off the care plan established during the initial assessment. This task list may change frequently based on the client’s changing needs, and as the relationship builds. If you have questions about caregivers performing tasks or would like to add tasks to your care plan, please contact the office and we will have those added.

At the beginning of your scheduled visit, your caregiver will clock into their shift in one of two ways.

  1. Using their smartphone to access the Clear Care App.
  2. Using your home phone line to call in via telephony.

This digital system allows us to keep track of our clients and caregivers for accurate billing and reporting. The parameters are set up to only allow a caregiver to clock in within 200 feet of your front door or using your phone line so the system can recognize the number, and verify the caregiver is at your home.

If a caregiver is running late, we always ask they let us know so we can contact the client. At 10 minutes late we are automatically notified via Clear Care that a caregiver has not logged into their shift and our Staffing Coordinator or Call Manager will reach out. Rest assured we will follow up with you to let you know why a caregiver is not there yet or if a replacement is being sent.

Once the shift begins, the caregiver will have access to notes left from your prior caregiver incase a task was not complete and needed to fall to the next shift. The caregiver will also have access to the Care Plan and your task list. As tasks are completed the caregiver will notate these in the app or on a piece of paper. At the end of the shift all tasks should be documented, and notes completed. The caregiver will ask you to sign their smartphone for the app or to give a voice authorization is they are using the telephone. You and your family can access these completed notes and tasks by going to the Family Room and clicking the specific day.

We work hard and have a lot of FUN!

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