They say, “there’s no place like home,” and most of us would agree. We associate home with comfort, security, and independence. The ability to stay in the comfort of your own home and “age in place” is a priority for many aging seniors. Beyond Home Care is committed to giving seniors who choose to stay home, the opportunity to do this with services that create a safe and clean environment for our clients. 


Personalized Homemaking Services May Include:

Light Duty House Cleaning

Light house cleaning is also referred to as maintenance cleaning, which is cleaning that an individual would do often or even daily. Cleaning the bathroom after assisting with a shower, sweeping the kitchen, and cleaning off counters after cooking, or removing trash from the home are all examples of maintenance cleaning that needs to be done to keep the home safe and clean daily. 

Laundry and Changing Linens

Washing, drying, folding, and putting away clothes are all tasks that our caregivers can do for a client as needed. Some of our clients need laundry done completely for them but for many of our clients involving them in these tasks whether just to fold clothes, or help sort, is a way to keep them engaged and promote independence. Our caregivers can also assist with changing bed linens and making a client’s bed.

Meal Planning, Preparation, and Cooking

Our caregivers can help clients create a weekly meal plan with nutritious meals they enjoy, while also promoting a healthy diet. Good nutrition is key in promoting overall health and wellbeing for aging adults. Caregivers may also do the grocery shopping, preparation, and cooking to ensure our clients have meals they can easily reheat throughout the week.

Running Errands

Our caregivers can run errands to pick up prescriptions or go grocery shopping for a client. If the client is physically able to go with the caregiver or would like to go with them, they can accompany the caregiver to do these tasks. This again promotes independence where we are able and support where needed.

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