There’s No Place Like Home

Transitioning home from a rehab stay can cause a lot of fear and anxiety not only from a patient’s side but also their caregiver.

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Gammy's 90th birthday

Celebrating Aging

My oldest son, James, at Gammy’s 90th Birthday Party Last week I had the honor of celebrating my Gammy’s 90th Birthday. Friends and family drove

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Kelly Adams

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Hey there,

Welcome! I'm Kelly Adams, a wife, mom of 3, and a business owner. As a Certified Senior Advisor and Owner of Beyond Home Care LLC, I'm passionate about working with older adults and their caregivers to create successful caregiving partnerships. On this blog I share resources, tools, and tips primarily for family caregivers as they navigate the journey of caregiving. I hope you find something here that's helpful for you and your aging love one!


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