Companion Care

Companion Care tends to be one of the most overlooked areas of home care but can prove to be one of the most beneficial. For so many aging adults, social interaction may be difficult whether due to concerns from COVID-19, not being able to drive, or finding it difficult to get out of the house. This is an area of need where a caregiver can be a great benefit by adding support to either assist the individual in social situations or be a companion themselves to the aging senior. 

It can be difficult when someone loses the ability to drive their vehicle and, in many cases, this can cause a person to withdraw from their social situations. Our Caregivers can create a safe situation for a client to remain involved in their social activities by driving the client to these functions.

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Common areas of companion care are:

  • Driving a client 
  • Going for a walk or exercising
  • Engaging in stimulation conversation
  • Playing a game or activity
  • Accompanying to appointments
  • Medication Reminders

Social Isolation Public Health Crisis

Through the pandemic, we have seen firsthand the effects isolation can cause. A recent report released by AARP sites two-thirds of US adults report feeling socially isolated while 66% agree COVID-19 has caused their anxiety level to increase. Social isolation is now seen as a public health crisis and is reported to be worse for one’s health than obesity and the equivalent to smoking close to a pack of cigarettes a day.  Symptoms of social isolation can come in a variety of forms including loss of appetite, loss of motivation, feelings of anxiety and depression, and even becoming more forgetful. 

Having a Caregiver routinely visiting a loved one can help decrease isolation and encourage social activity which in turn creates a positive impact on a person’s mental, emotional, and physical health. 

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