Gammy's 90th birthday
My oldest son, James, at Gammy's 90th Birthday Party

Last week I had the honor of celebrating my Gammy’s 90th Birthday. Friends and family drove in from all over to wish her congratulations and celebrate with her. I even pulled my oldest son out of school to make the trip to Birmingham with me. Gammy has blessed my life in more ways than I can count. Growing up with her in my life absolutely helped to shape the woman I am today.

In my line of work, I have the privilege of meeting seniors every day who have fascinating life stories to tell and wisdom to share. One of my very favorite parts of my job is talking to seniors about their lives. They each have a story to tell and so much insight to share. 

As a child, I was often around seniors, which is probably where my love for the aging comes from. My aunt Patty worked in nursing homes or rehabs for most of my childhood, and she would take me with her to help whenever I could.

At a young age I would sit and paint finger nails, play bingo, or make arts and crafts with residents. As I got older, I would volunteer in her office or work as a caregiver. One of the first cases I worked as a caregiver was for a woman who fled Germany during WWII. I had read about WWII and the Nazi invasion, but to hear someone who was actually there was incredible. 

I didn’t realize until I was older, that this experience of growing up around aging seniors was unique. It was pretty normal to me, but I know now what a blessing it truly was. 

I hope to pass this same blessing onto my own children and encourage you to do the same. Think about your aging neighbor, someone at your church or even visitng the nursing home. I promise it will benefit your children as much as it will benefit that senior. Seniors have so much love to give and wisdom to share, if we simply spend the time to listen and receive it. 

Happy 90th Birthday Gammy!! We love you!

Kelly Adams -young volunteer

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