5 Things to Know about Home Care Services

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Now on to the topic of the day.


Here are 5 Things I want you to know about Home Care:

1. We are not Home Health

 Home health is typically prescribed by a physician and for that reason tends to be medically related care. “Home Care” is non-medical care that enables a person to stay active and independent in their own home. This could mean assisting with baths, meals, light housekeeping, laundry, escorts to appointments, etc. We often partner with home health agencies to ensure clients are cared for both medically and non-medically… but we are not a home health agency.

2. Home Care Is Personalized

 Every client is different and therefore every client’s care needs are different. We personalize the care plan to meet the client’s needs and maintain or enhance their lifestyle. Not all clients need assistance with personal care and bathing, therefore the caregiver may simply step away and work in another area of the home while their client bathes. If a client takes pride in preparing meals for her family, the last thing we want to do is step in and take that away from her. It’s important to us that our clients remain active and engaged in their lifestyles to stay healthy. Clients tend to worry about losing their independence when we come into the home to help but truly our goal is to encourage independence in a safe environment.

3. Home Care is Affordable

Most of our clients do not need 24hr care making home care a great option for someone who is not ready for institutional care. Many families call in-home care to assist a few times a week in order to keep their loved ones safe and active or transport them to appointments. Home Care is a great way to reduce injury and maintain a healthy lifestyle when a person may not be completely independent. On the flip side, there are clients who prefer to “age in place” and they want to stay home. We offer anywhere from 4-24 hour a day service to meet the needs of the client.

4. Home Care does not have to be in your Home

Many times, we are called in to stay overnight in the hospital to give a family a break or ensure someone is with a loved one until the family can arrive. There are also times we go into assisted living facilities and nursing homes to provide one on one care when needed. Home Care is simply personalized one on one care for a patient or clients regardless of where they are located.

5. Home Care doesn't have to be Permanent

Home Care is a service that can be called in during a transitional time when a patient leaves the hospital or rehab. The weeks following discharge are critical for healing and unfortunately many times we see re-injury. Having home care come in for a few weeks after discharge gives you peace of mind and allows your loved one to rest and recuperate, placing the focus on recovery.

Whether your loved one needs assistance with bathing, toileting, meal preparation, or escorts to appointments, home care can be a great resource and allow peace of mind during a difficult time. The road of aging is not an easy one and being tasked with the care of someone you love can be more than we can handle at times.

You don’t have to manage it alone.

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